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Community Booths

Fort Atkinson Farmers Market
Complimentary Community Booths Programme

If you are interested in a “free” booth at our market this summer, welcome! You’re in the right place.


We offer each local organization with community interests to join us free of charge twice per summer. After two free allotments organizations are then invited to join us at $25 per Saturday (or whichever qualifying package rate is most beneficial to the organization.)

All we ask in return is that those applying fulfill one of two roles at the market in the following ways:

1. Host a Childrens' Craft or Activity

We are more than happy to help your organization plan affordable and appropriate crafts!

Most craft supplies cost less than a daily pass would to join us, and by hosting you gain increased visibility and interaction with guests! Crafts can be as simple as providing coloring pages, or chalk to decorate around your booth. Or you can incorporate a project that fits your organization. For example: a dentist may wish to help children create tooth fairy boxes for lost teeth.

There are only a few occasional weekends that are pre-planned activities, such as making Mother's Day Cards or coloring Trick or Treating bags. Or an organization running a bake sale may choose coloring pages of cookies or cupcakes that kids can "decorate."

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt
Happy Tourist
Happy Tourist

2. Shopping Buddy Volunteers

Our Market is committed to providing accessibility to healthy products and services for all.

Those with mobility issues can find making their way around the market difficult. Especially where getting items to their vehicles is concerned. To help address this we are happy to announce the new Shopping Buddies Program!

This option requires a community booth to provide 2 volunteers to assist guests where needed on the day of attendance.

Your volunteers will be provided FAFM aprons to help guests easily identify them.

Benefits of Volunteering

Increased Interaction With Guests

The purpose of participating in the market for most organizations is to create awareness and visibility. Unfortunately just being present is not always enough to inspire guests to fully engage with charity booths. By volunteering in exchange you are guaranteed engagement with those seeking out our very popular children’s activities or needing assistance with carrying items to vehicles.

Cultivate Positive Feelings

The children's craft has been a strong draw for the market since its conception, and one of the most cherished aspects of what we offer. And our new shopping buddies program is forecasted to be a gem among our services as well. Not only has feedback already shown that it is appreciated by the community's more experienced residents but we have already received endless positive feedback from their friends and loved ones as well! It's something that will benefit you and our guests simultaneously!


Frequently Asked Questions About the Rules:

If you have additional questions or concerns please email management at


May we fundraise? 
(though some restrictions do apply)

You are more than welcome to collect donations, sell baked goods, hold drives, advertise an upcoming event such as a walkathon or car wash for charity.

The sky is the limit. But don't forget, state rules and regulations still apply. Make sure you have all necessary licensing for things such as raffles, or meet health code requirements if you plan on serving food that is made on site.

And we are sorry but no commercial items are allowed unless created by members of your organization or are trademarked under the organization itself.


Example: Girl Scout cookies are okay as they are made by the organization, but selling Tupperware is not.


May a “Shopping Buddy” volunteer accept “tips”?

Strongly Discouraged.

This can be a delicate situation.

Our best recommendation is that you direct your staff to politely refuse but offer to accept the tip as a donation for the cause you are representing. 

The reason we request this is because we do not want any guest to be reluctant to ask for assistance if concerned about having money or the ability to tip or not in future.


May we include religious or political messaging.
We're sorry but respectfully, NO.

While we support everyone’s right to believe or endorse whatever they choose, the market is committed to being a neutral community space. We allow those with religious or political ties to participate but kindly ask you to not preach, lecture, or campaign on market grounds regardless of payment for a booth space. 


A church may raise funds for a cause such as homeless relief or a food pantry, but cannot advertise their church services or hold worship meetings during the market.

Similarly a politician may be part of a literacy group, but is not allowed to campaign under Governor John Smith For Literacy. In other words, be certain you are putting the community cause first, not personal endeavors.


May we request a specific spot at the Market?
Sorry but No.

We want to ensure accessibility and consistency for our guests to know where to find services such as shopping buddies and the children's’ crafts.


While we do our best to accommodate requests when we can, we kindly ask for you to understand that there are many factors management must take into account when assigning spaces. Please be respectful to the staff that make this all possible. Failure to do so will impact future opportunities.

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