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Thank you to our Current Sponsors!

We are so thankful for our sponsors for helping us provide a place for small local businesses to flourish, access to healthy locally grown foods, and a gathering place for all ages to engage and grow together! We couldn't do it without them!

Fort Health Care

Animal Clinic of Fort Atkinson
Qet Botanicals
Fort Community Credit Union

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Want to become a Sponsor?

Find the Level That Fits You!


Sponsorship FAQ's

How do I sign up to become a Sponsor?
You can simply contact our Market Manager, Aimee Leonard, at Aimee will be happy to walk you through the information and details of each of the 5 sponsorship levels to find the one that will fit you best. As well as let you know which levels are still available.

How do I pay? 
You can pay by Check made payable to the Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce, with "Farmer's Market Sponsor" written in the memo line and mail the payment to: 244 N Main St, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538. Be sure to include either the form we send you or a note in the envelope that states the name you want recognized for the sponsorship. (Most often a Name of a Business). 

Or you can pay in person directly at the Chamber during regular business hours. (But still be sure to state the business name you wish advertised as the sponsor where applicaple!)

I thought the FAFM is its own entity now, why am I still Paying the Chamber?
While the FAFM is now it's own separate entity, the Chamber of Commerce is being kind and supportive enough to manage a few remaining finances for us as we finalize the transition for your convenience. These funds will strictly be applied to supporting the market, however.

Do we have to pick sponsorship packages again for other events such as the Holiday Market or Winter Market?
NO!  Now that we are our own entity we will be treating each of the events we organize as one large entity. That means if you sponsor us you get advertising YEAR ROUND for that amount. No more picking and choosing only what the events you can afford. You will be recognized on ALL of the year's event banners, Web ads, Press Releases, and more, that are respective to the package you choose.

What do donations and Sponsorships go towards?
Sponsorships go to administrative costs and overhead as well as community services. To name a few, the money will be used for expenses such as: Insurance, Canopies, Signs, ASCAP licensing and musician fees, Venue Fees, Management and Staffing hours, and making endeavors such as our food assistance program or our young entrepreneurs opportunity (for kids under 18 trying getting their first experiences in business) possible.

I want to donate, but don't wish to be a recognized "Sponsor," Can I do that?
Of Course! We love our donors and have many new exciting ways everyone can support the market coming soon, including taking online payments, trademark merchandise, raffles, and more. We will let you know as soon as we have that set up via our news letters and social media. Until then, you are always welcome to make donations directly at the welcome booth of the market, or through the Chamber of Commerce (who again is showing support in assisting us with processing finances as we finalize our transition.) 

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If we didn't cover your question please email
and our manager will be happy to assist you!
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