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In attempts to raise funds for the market’s operations we will soon be selling postcards at the welcome booth. Among other quality items.


We will be selecting 3 designs representing the best of Fort Atkinson and the FAFM community.


Deadline to enter is JUNE 1st

Entries should be emailed to with “Photo Contest” in the subject line.

The Details:

What do you win?: Bragging Rights and Hopefully stable vendor fees for all!


When should I submit by?:

There has been some confusion on this so we are extending the deadline to June 1st 2024


Where and How do I send submissions?:

Please Send JPG files to

With "Photo Contest" in the subject line and the name of your booth or business so we can give you credit for your amazing pictures!


What should pictures be of?

You get to decide! We'll consider just about anything that is family friendly content. Including funny comics or illustrations! However, we will be especially impressed by pictures that reflect the community of Fort Atkinson, Farm Animals, Scenes of Nature, and similar themes.


Who "owns" the Photo if it is accepted or used by the market?

You continue to own any photo we might use. You are simply allowing us to "borrow it" or at least a version of it. We will be giving credit, congratulations and thanks to the winners via social media and more.

Other Rules and Disclosures?

1. By submitting a photo you give permission to Fort Atkinson Farmers Market to use that image in social media, website posts, or on merchandise such as postcards.


2. Any content you send us should be 100% YOUR OWN personal work. (In other words, don't copy something you find on the internet or steal something from a friend without permission. You should either make any illustrations or take any photographs yourself.


3. If the photo you submit is chosen we will contact you for written permission to use your work in creating items that benefit the market, as well as permission to make minor alterations or edits as needed (Such as color balancing, resizing, adding our logo to the image, etc.)

Good luck everyone! We look forward to seeing everyone's pictures!

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